We offer a variety of high-quality products and ingredients, ready for use. 

Our hot peppers come in a variety of shapes, colors, flavor profiles, and levels of heat, and we are able to process them into a wide range of products. This includes mashed, pureed, brined, dried, flaked, smoked, and other presentations that will work exactly for your pepper needs. 

Our facilities are state-of-the-art, and we guarantee high quality, precision and hygiene in every step of the process, from farming to shipment.



Dried & Dehydrated

Our dehydrated peppers come in whole peppers, flakes, or powder.

We take fresh peppers and dry them, without stems, to less than 10% humidity by processing them with our food grade batch and belt dehydrators.

Products: Whole, Flakes, or Ground (to a powder).


Mash & Puree

For fermented mash or puree we use 2 simple ingredients: ground fresh peppers without the stems, and salt to preserve them.

We leave them to ferment for about 30 days.

Acidified mash is composed of ground fresh peppers blended with ph-reducing agents to come up with a stable, salt-free mash without seeds.

Products: Fermented mash, Acidified mash.


Brined / Pickled

The brined pepper line offers fresh hot peppers in pickle form, without stems. 

Brined stemless peppers are pickled in a traditional process, and can come in whole form, nacho slices, or diced. Jalapeños are our most popular brined pepper, and we offer them whole, in nacho slices or dices and in green or red varieties.

Products: Whole, canoes, dices, slices, cones.


Chipotle / Smoked

Our chipotle peppers are dried and then machine-smoked to less than 15% humidity.

We use sustainably sourced, mature avocado tree wood, from programmed pruning and thinning of commercial avocado groves.

Ideal for hot and extra adobo or chipotle sauces and condiments. Our Chipotle complies with anthraquinone residue requirements, and is processed under the highest quality standards.

Products: Dry whole, flake, powder, wet mash.

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Who We Serve  

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Our products are used by some of the leading food companies that require quality hot peppers as an ingredient: co-packers, hot sauce manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, snack processors, and private label manufacturers. We also offer custom collaborations and new product development with our customers, working hand in hand with customers’ R&D teams. 


Export Markets

We Export to:

  • Canada

  • USA

  • UK

  • Germany

  • India

  • Poland

  • Japan

  • Australia

  • Mexico

  • Spain

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Certifications & Guarantees

We Guarantee the following:

• Product quality based on precision and hygiene in every step of the process from farming to shipment.

• Modern facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and advanced manufacturing techniques.

• A complete team of experts that carefully controls all procedures to meet the highest industry standards.

Quality standards are endorsed by the following certifications:

FSC 22000 — Establish and validate within our entire process the Food Safety Management System, in part by creating and maintaining interactive communication, protocols on procedures of management systems, control measures and product traceability protocols.

FDA — Food & Drug Administration

HACCP — Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point: Preventive system used at all stages of food production and preparation processes to reduce or eliminate the risk of hazards in the food industry.